Kickstart your chrome extension development.

Start developing your chrome extension with ReactJS & TailwindCSS. Content script Sidebar, Native Side Panel, injected content scripts, popup, we have them all covered in ChromeKit.

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Enhance browsing experience with your chrome extension.

There are mutliple ways in which you can build a chrome extension. We have templates for all of them.

  • Content Script Sidebar

    Content Script Sidebar

    Build a sidebar extension which can be accessed from the current web page and stays open as long as the page is not refreshed. Extension opens from the side.

  • Sidebar in an iFrame

    Sidebar in an iFrame

    iFrame based sidebar to avoid UI conflicts & allows you to push changes faster as you don't have to go through the web store review process.

  • Popup


    Build a popup based extension. Users can click on the popup to access your extension.

  • Native Side Panel

    Native Side Panel

    Use chrome's native side panel to provide a custom functionality.

  • Injected Content Scripts

    Injected Content Scripts

    Inject content scripts and let your users interact with your extension within the parent web page.

  • Twitter/X Template

    Twitter/X Template

    Build extensions on top of Twitter/X

Build faster

Everything you need to build your chrome extension

Authentication, communication between extension components, Chrome web store asset templates, guidelines for handling errors and more to get you started in no time.


Authentication with Supabase integration (Supports username/password & Social login), session based auth (Cookies) and support for licenses (Lemon squeezy & Gumroad)


Guidelines and samples of message passing to communicate between various components of an extension.

Chrome web store asset templates

Templates for creating extension icon, web store screenshots & small promo image.


Guidelines on error handling and Chrome web store submission.

Extensions built with ChromeKit.

Check these amazing extensions built with ChromeKit.

Pay once, use forever.

You pay once for the boilerplate and you can build unlimited extensions with it. All lifetime updates are included with the purchase.



Turn your extension ideas into reality faster.

  • Individual use (Unlimited projects)
  • Boilerplate (Code in ReactJS & TailwindCSS)
  • Boilerplate for Sidebar, Side Panel, Injecting content scripts, Content script sidebar in an iFrame & Popup
  • Twitter template (To help you build extensions on top of Twitter's tweets)
  • Authentication (Supabase integration, Session based auth & Support for Lemon squeezy & Gumroad licenses)
  • Example of message passing (To communicate between content-scripts, background pages & popup
  • Help with creating your product in chrome web store. (Figma/Canva template for your extension icon & screenshots.)
  • Re-inject content scripts on extension update
  • Guidelines for handling chrome errors
  • Access to Discord community
  • Lifetime updates
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Great for organizations.

  • Everything from Individual plan
  • Can be used by anyone from your organization (Limited Time Offer)
  • Access to Discord community
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What do I get?

      You get access to a GitHub repository which contains the boilerplate code. There is code for content script side bar, native sidepanel, popup and injecting content script.

    • Javascript or Typescript?

      Currently only Javascript is supported. If you need support for Typescript, please contact me.

    • Are updates included with the purchase?

      Yes, all future updates are included with your purchase.

    • What else do I get, apart from the code?

      In addition to the code, you also get access to a set of templates to help you create screenshots for your store submission.

    • Can I get a refund?

      No. Refunds are not supported currently. If you have any questions about the boilerplate and what you would get, please feel free to ask your doubts in the chat.

    • Is there a community of ChromeKit users?

      Yes. Once you make a purchase you will be added to a Discord community.

    • Will I get support with chrome web store submissions?

      I will try my best to address any questions on Discord.

    • Will there be examples?

      Yes, there will be a few examples for you to load and check in your computer.

    • Is this a NoCode tool?

      No, this is not a NoCode tool. You have to know coding to make use of this boilerplate